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April 17, 2008

Rockhopper is Coming Back and More!

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Hey everyone! Today when I looked in the telescope at the Lighthouse Beacon, I noticed something. Rockhoper is coming back! When you look through, he is coming towards the Beach! Gary the Gadget Guy’s plan worked! The fireworks got Rockhopper’s attention and he decided to come back. I hope he has the key to his room though. Because on his door in the Migrator, it said that they couldn’t find the key during the search. By tomorrow, I am pretty sure Rockhopper will be really close to shore. Maybe by Saturday he will be back in Club Penguin. But I don’t know. So I just wanted you guys to know that maybe this weekend Rockhopper will be back. So keep your eyes out for him! I am saying this because I will probably not be able to post this weekend. Anyway, Here is what it looks like when you look through the telescope at the Lighthouse Beacon. I only made a small part of it. You can barely see Rockhopper because he is pretty far away from shore. Here is the picture.

You can see Rockhopper’s red puffle in the back of his boat. That is good. Just hopefully he has his key to his room with him on his boat! It could have been lost under-water after the big wreck when Rockhopper’s ship crashed into the Iceberg. If we can’t find it, we might have to go looking for it! That wouldn’t be good.

Events for Tomorrow

Tomorrow, many items and other stuff will be released. If you haven’t saw the upcoming events, here is what will be released tomorrow. And don’t worry, I will be able to post some cheats. And guess what? Even the new igloo design will be being released tomorrow! Okay, anyway, here are the events for tomorrow. They also have them in the newspaper that you can look in anytime.

  • New furniture catalog
  • New igloo design
  • New postcards

Cool huh? I wonder what the new postcards will be like. Maybe old ones will be coming back again. Probably not. Probably just new ones. I will also post furniture catalog cheats tomorrow. When I post it might be late in the morning. But don’t worry! I will post good cheats! Besides, not many of you guys get on in the morning. Most of you get on in the afternoon to see the cheats. Well until then, waddle on!

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  1. He’s gonna be here on Friday! 🙂 P.S read my other comment about the clocks! P.P.S. It will be my first time seeing rockhopper!

    Comment by DoDoDo — April 21, 2008 @ 6:01 pm

  2. im gona be on rockhoppers ship tomorow so see ya there.

    Comment by Andreamuffin — April 27, 2008 @ 1:45 am

  3. hello dude lets go fishing. alriht dude im going to catch a wopper.alriht.at the sea beneath were a club fish geting stuff and putting it on the hook.

    Comment by lazooga — May 11, 2008 @ 7:43 pm

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