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August 9, 2010

Club Penguin Field-Ops Mission #9 Cheats

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Today Club Penguin has released a brand new Field-Ops mission for EPF agents! Here is a guide that will help you beat the Field-Ops Mission #9.
1. Click on your EPF phone. Press the Field-Ops button.
2. Continue to start the new mission. You will be in the Command Room.
3. Click on the desk that says “Field-Ops”. Talk to G.
4. Go to the Soccer Pitch. Click on the cash register that is under the “Snacks” stand.
5. Answer your Spy Phone and engage in the mission.

6. Match each shape as they come down on the screen.

That’s how to beat the new Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Field-Op Mission #9)! Let me know what you think about it.


How to Become Famous on Club Penguin eBook by Chrisdog93

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Last year, Chrisdog93, owner of ClubPenguinCP.com, came out with his first Club Penguin eBook that featured tips and other information on How to Become Famous on Club Penguin. This year, many popular Club Penguin bloggers such as myself, Chrisdog93, and Jmann93 have all contributed towards this brand new eBook. This new eBook was written from scratch with brand new and updated tips that are now more specific and easy to understand. After many months of work on it, it is now up for sale.

For only $11.99, you get all of your brand new tips and guides on How to Become Famous on Club Penguin and basic online marketing tips. But, for only $17.99 you get much more for your money. The $17.99 eBook includes everything that comes in the $11.99 eBook, but with even more.

For $17.99, you get advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tips, more detailed blogging tips and ideas, advanced online marketing strategies, and even includes a detailed story of how Chrisdog93 became noticed and grew his blog to become what it is now.

This new eBook is completely legitimate and I have read this over several times. I have contributed a lot of my secrets to my success to this eBook, because every Club Penguin blogger that is committed deserves this eBook.

Click here to get Chrisdog93’s Club Penguin eBook!

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